Windows to Hate

Windows to Hate

OS Issues

M$ really has me PO'ed right now.
My USB is just cycling on and off after I to
move my data to the external drive. Its also
failing to detect the mouse, which made the 
comic take over 90 mins to draw. And just
looking at it tells you its not super involved.

Here's for better luck tomorrow. :-D

Better news, I got the manga data moved to a
different computer before all of these retarded
issues started. I have help in getting over 10 gigs
of manga issues uploaded too. but the filenames are
going to take me a while to change for dynamic page
creation, so PHP can rule as king of the webserver
The bad part of this... I still have 2 manga series
on my system that I need to move. and they aren't
small either.

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