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New Stuff

Manga Reader Anyone

Ok, so if you've used any of the manga readers online, like Bleach Exile
then you know they have 'bugs' or small irritations. So I decided that
using the same software that supports my comic reader, I could make one
that was better. Well I'm most of the way there. If you want to take a
look e-mail the Artist below and get an account to connect first.
Manga Readers are huge bandwidth hogs and I don't want my ISP calling
me and saying that I managed to hit the 36 GB connection max for the

Speaking of which if you want a Co-Location for your website then you should
look at Sonic Whale  for your server needs. Its currently unlimited space and
unlimited bandwidth for about 10 USD/Month.

I have not worked all of the bugs out of my manga reader yet, as that requires
a little more time than I currently have free. However, all of the links do work
correctly, and pages are links to the next page. The largest difference that I
have seen in how mine works is you can navigate through volumes and chapters
without doing anything other than clicking the 'next' link. Bleach Exile could
use that feature as an upgrade, but I'm not here to judge, just here to draw a
crappy comic.

Cheers All. A. Rohde

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